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Human After All
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Actor Profile

ORION is a synthetic humanoid of some sort. He’s incredibly tall, incredibly strong, and incredibly heavy, but his gentle and curious personality easily assuages most peoples’ nervousness about his imposing physical presence. Atop his head is an OLED display which allows him to simulate a personifying facsimile of a face, complete with expressions to assist in communicating with people.

I created ORION as a sort of spinoff of Millie and a foil for Circinus; A much more well-adjusted and “normal” synthetic humanoid with a much more focused curiosity and an established goal of “becoming more human.”

Canonical Biography

ORION’s primary role is as the Chief Engineer of the private salvage ship, the PSV Mistral. Originally built by a spacefaring race to be the “Synthetic Command Unit” of a massive warship during an interstellar war, ORION was caught in the middle of transit when the war ended and the government that created him was dissolved. Left to molder for a time aboard an inoperative cargo vessel, the PSV Mistral discovered him while on a scavenging run cleaning up the remnants of one of innumerable space battlegrounds.

ORION remembers nothing of his purpose or creation as he was never programmed and mated to his intended destination ship, and instead only retains basic interactions protocols, motor skills, and other things needed to simply exist and perform menial tasks. He was shortly placed in the employ of the Mistral in an indentured servitude of sorts - although everyone basically sees and treats him as a fellow crewman. ORION, in-between his tasks maintaing the aging vessel, seeks to become more like his crew and overcome the barriers of learning to fit in wherever he can - and has taken a particular shine to the vessel’s chief cartographer and navigator, Circinus Octans.


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