Hub of the Sonador Worldbuilding System

Hi, I’m Sonador Cromwell.

I’m a thirty something year old creative writer, designer, community manager, and all around furry raccoon on the internet. I’ve been undertaking creative exercises as long as I’ve been able to write, and has time has gone on this has manifested itself in several different ways. In an effort to archive these attempts, I’ve created this website as a handy index of my projects.

If I linked this site to you in reference to my characters, you can find them over on the “Cast” page. If you’re here to check out the full-res posts I’ve made to accompany musical tracks, scope out “Scenes and Music.” For my writing, you can check out “Posts.” This site is under construction! A friend has graciously provided a framework to host my new site off of after leaving Wix, so it’ll take some time for everything to get back up to speed.

Thanks for dropping by. If you’d like to say hello, you can reach me at the socials below.