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Luca Cabrillo

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
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Luca Cabrillo


Most of Luca’s life is a faded memory. In the 28 years she has been alive, she has seen, done, and forgotten several lifetimes’ worth of things. And yet, for some strange reason, it remains a topic she’d rather not discuss.​

Luca Poinciana Cabrillo was born August 16th, 1950 in Rowley, Massachusetts to a single, working class mother. Luca grew up to be tough and ornery but relatively fair and sociable, surrounded mostly by other tradesman and farmers. Passing high school with average grades and going to trade school, she began working full-time at a local mechanic shop to fund her further education. In her off time, she could be found bar crawling with her high school friends and getting into mischief, when she wasn’t home helping her mother or furthering education in her trade. Trouble with the law, although relatively minor and never more than a rowdy misdemeanor, would pop up from time to time - that is, until one ill-advised adventure trespassing in an abandoned building in a nearby town. Exploring with two cohorts and her boyfriend, a youthful dare wound up going horribly awry - altering the course of her life forever.​

Ever since, stories and rumors that enshrouded her presence became quite intriguing. Some despised her; calling her a thief, a rogue, a tramp, and an otherwise unsavory individual. Others, however, would tell about a woman of deep emotional sensitivity and caring - a lover lost, or perhaps a chance acquaintance that listened when nobody else would. Yet more interesting than the diverging stories of her person are the people that tell them - or, to be more specific, the places and times in which they once resided.​

For example, at one point in time, somewhere in a Baltimore Police precinct, a faded mugshot photograph of the coyote sat in a moldering file cabinet, paper-clipped to a burglary report whose date field was penned, “February 14th, 1942.” This photograph, although slightly different in setting and wardrobe, featured a nearly identical countenance to a Nevada college yearbook photo for the class of 1985. This likewise bore yet another likeness to a Missing Persons column photo from a back page of a New England newspaper, dated April 22nd, 1978. A grainy digital photo from a missed connections ad on an internet bulletin board from 2006. Captured in the background of a forgotten CCTV tape from a liquor store in 1998. No one person would ever be in a position to notice or compare - nor would she ever be inclined to explain.​

It would, explain, however, her cavalier, devil-may-care attitude about life. Luca certainly doesn’t care much about herself beyond the basics of survival - and despite the situations under which she met them, all seem to agree on one thing: Luca was definitely one of the most unique individuals in terms of personality they’d ever met. An ephemeral quality chases her attitude - current events, politics, and people could not catch less of her interest, but the scruffy, sometimes derelict looking canine has a disarming interest in matters usually saved for more scholarly types - philosophy, history, psychology, and sociology. The accounts are few, however, as the solitary animal greatly prefers to keep to herself, choosing her interactions on her own terms.​

Those that are allowed into her good graces, however, are treated to one of the single most interesting interpersonal experiences an average person will ever have. The wisdom of a woman between worlds is unparalleled, tempered only by the mortal limits of her mind, coupled with a mild personality and a natural flair for life and adventure leaves not much to be desired for a companion. Problems only begin to arise in that one day, she will simply vanish, literally without a trace, never to return - even the memories of those that knew her, and her impacts on the flow of time gone without a moment’s pause.​

Ask her if her unique abilities to transcend the barriers of time - however limited - are worth the troubles they arise. If she feels close enough to you, she may tell you the truth, even if, in the end, you won’t remember.