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Felis Andavel

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Felis Andavel


Felis Andavel was born on a Loredas evening in Cormaris View, Morrowind, on the twenty-third day of Morning Star, in the One Hundred and Sixteenth year of the Fifth Era of Tamriel. She was born under the sign of The Ritual and was the second youngest of eight children. Her childhood was fairly normal for one born to one of the most prestigious noble families of the Telvanni House, spending most of her time under the watchful eye of a house midwife as her parents, Savesea and Vanel Andavel, were prominent figures within the House Council. As she grew from a toddler into a child, the family slowly realized with horror that they had given birth to a hellion. Constantly rambunctious and precocious, she could often be found where she oughtn’t be, causing trouble of all sorts for the House Manor in which she was raised. ​

When she was eight years old, she fell gravely ill, slipping into a coma after a violent spell of chills, delirium, and fever. None of the best healers and mystics could divine or ease her afflictions and after her fever began worsening a week later, Savesea and Vanel deeply feared they may be saying goodbye to their youngest daughter. They recalled the immediate family to stay by her side in what was believed to be her final hours, but after an evening gentle caring and deep worry, her fever broke and Felis finally began to show signs of a miraculous recovery, awake and talking within a day and up and walking within two. She was forever changed, however, her exuberant boisterousness gone completely and replaced with a quiet grace and placidity that left the entire family baffled. Rumors circulated that she had been possessed and expelled the demons of her own volition.​

Most of her education was furnished at a boarding school in Almalexia. Although she was never a star pupil, there was never so much as a complaint, and her quiet, reserved nature made her a natural social climber. She finished at 18 with no negative remarks and respectable exam results, but something had been troubling her most of her adolescent life. Vivid visions of the three divines; Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil reached to her within her dreams, showing her visions of the future and what was to become of her life. She was initially skeptical of them in her youth, but after making a visit and conversing with several members of the central temple within Almalexia, she became rigidly convinced of her purpose within the Tribunal.​

She spent three years under the schooling of a Telvanni tutor, learning the ways of restoration, alteration, and illusion magic. As her family expected, she showed excellent promise and quickly mastered most lessons she was provided, but despite her progress the troubling dreams continued with increasing frequency. At last, she finally approached Palmstead Andavel, her uncle and the chief administrator of her family’s affairs, and despite his warnings, renounced her pedigree, gathered her belongings, and disappeared on a pilgrimage for nearly one year. Most of this time was spent visiting temples across the southeastern mainland, offering her help and convening with the gods in search of further refinement of her purpose. The Telvanni House did not hesitate to excommunicate her, and at the order of the council, her own mother disowned her from the Andavel Family.​

Not much is known today about Felis. Rumors circulate dark corners of towers and halls across the Telvanni holdings. Some say she remains a traitor to the Telvanni house and now acts as a Redoran Spy. Some say she has infiltrated the temple and has begun spreading sedition to have certain Telvanni members expelled. Some even further say that she has coerced her brother, Mertisi, into conspiracy and they both work clandestinely to undermine the Telvanni House.​

None of them, of course, are correct.