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Circinus Octans

Explorer of the Stars
Zane Alexander x ALISON - Starchild


Actor Profile

Circinus is a tiny mouse with big nerves and a bigger brain. He’s not a teriffically social and is often solitary and very sheltered, and takes on roles requiring a smaller stature and presence. He’s very intelligent and has a thirst for knowledge, and deply enjoys being gently praised and a little pampered. He doesn’t handle confrontation well, and interpesonal stress can cause him to break easily. His special niche is being soft, smart, and appreciated quietly for his talents.

Canonical Biography

Circinus was born aboard a mining colony on Io. The vast majority living on this colony are born to mining families, live as miners, and die in the mines or raising children. Circinus was a runt of his litter and showed little physical acuity, which garnered him a great deal of hazing and abuse from other youths as he grew up. Circinus did, however, show incredible mental acuity and excelled in the schooling system. His parents did not view this positively, especially when he decided to seek higher education off-colony on scholarship. Aboard the colony, people who leave are seen as “starchildren,” a mocking term that casts people with higher aspirations outside of the colony as unrealistic and infantile dreamers. His parents provided him an ultimatum that if he departed for higher learning, he would be cut off. The choice for Circi was excruciating, but after a few days’ deliberation he booked passage aboard a ferry to the local commercial spaceport.

Circinus attended Spacefarers’ Academy for six years, learning everything from advanced physics to universal cartography, earning several degrees and qualifications for spacefaring navigation. He was recruited out of the Academy by the captain of the PSV Mistral, a scavenging vessel whose primary business was locating high value salvage under contract from space junk recovery zones, which finds them in diverse and often hazardous environs. Circinus got on well with the crew after a little awkwardness, easily proving his value through skill and experience, and earning the respect, admiration, and desired space from his crewmates.

After a fateful recovery mission freebooting in a recently created scrap field, the PSV Mistral recovered a synthetic anthropomorphic lifeform known as ORION. ORION slowly adjusted to life aboard the Mistral, applying his excessive strength and precision as an engineer aboard the vessel, and Circi became fast friends with him in their mutual experiences of being socially awkward and sheltered from interpersonal understanding. Today, Circinus is the Chief Navigation Officer for the PSV Mistral, and ORION the Chief Engineer, both having bonded and excelled in their positions. Circinus is content and happy with his position and its ability to further his goal of seeing as much of the universe as possible.


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