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Bixley Gammon

Gentle Giant
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Actor Profile

Bixley Gammon isn’t the sharpest tack in the drawer, but what he lacks in sharpness he makes up for in warmth and softness. Bix deeply enjoys smiling and making other people smile, and his quiet but amicable demeanor make that easy to accomplish. Bixley doesn’t talk much and prefers to keep to himself, but his ability to radiate placidity allows him to insert himself into gatherings with grace, and as a result he’s amassed a large following of friends and acquaintances.

Bix is also huge. Standing at 9 feet even and weighing 322 pounds empty, the sergal’s physical presence is formidable. He has a matching strength and constitution, which he rarely has cause to use. Instead, he much more enjoys using his frame to show affections and give cuddles. He has a guilty appreciation of his usual companion’s interest in his mammoth physique, and doesn’t mind at all being poked, prodded, and loved on.

Canonical Biography

Bixley Gammon was born August 8th, 1992 in San Francisco, California. He had a relatively sheltered but otherwise unremarkable upbringing, although the lanky boy endured a great deal of teasing in school, which contributed to his quiet demeanor. As he grew up, he developed the expected sets of hobbies; video games, photography, model building, and table top games. His formidable physical build contributed to a natural affinity for sports, eventually getting into a college league swim team before acquiring his MBA and getting a routine corporate job for a local paper mill. Bixley spends most of his time at home or at work with the occasional adventure or small social gathering on the weekends.


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